Maintenance – 5 February 2015


  • Predictive Maintenance
  • The economic impact of maintenance
  • Safety during maintenance of infrastructure
  • Rolling stock vs. infrastructure
  • What should be the top priority for automated maintenance-lower costs, better quality or shorter possessions?
  • How do we manage maintenance possessions to complete more work in less time with less disruption?
  • How far can we automate the inspection and maintenance processes?


  • Session 1: ‘Challenging maintenance concepts: Strategies and technological development’
  • Session 2: ‘Rail maintenance in the digital age: Bliss or plight for rail safety?’
  • Session 3: ‘Optimised maintenance intervals of subsystems’
  • Session 4: ‘Rolling stock maintenance on demand: early warning systems’

Moderator whole day: Roel van den Bosch, Experienced Consultant in Rail Infrastructure BoschSpoor (NL)



Dietmar Maicz, Hottinger Badwin Messtechnik GmbH
Johannes Bremsteller, Sales Engineer, Vossloh Rail Services GmbH
Alvaro Zevallos, Sales Area Manager Europe NEM Solutions
Roel van den Bosch, Independent Consultant, BoschSpoor
Rainer Wenty, General Manager Marketing and Technical Sales, Plasser and Theurer
Rudolf Schilder, Partner ARTS Schilder & Partner GmbH
Andreas Middendorf, Electrical Engineering Fraunhofer IZM
Ryosuke Matsumoto, Chief Engineer -  West Japan Railway Company
Riccardo Gallo, Engineering and Customer Service Manager Luchinni RS
Johannes Emmelheinz, President Siemens Mobility Services
Michael Diehl, Senior Advisor Railway Industries SAP AG
  • Ryosuke Matsumoto, Chief Engineer West Japan Railway Company (JP)
    “Maintenance strategy for future railway operations” 
  • Frank Werther, Services Sales & Projects Director Germany Alstom Transport (DE)
  • Riccardo Gallo, Engineering and Customer Service Manager Lucchinni RS (IT)
    “Innovation as strategy for maintenance optimization”

  • Johannes Emmelheinz, President Siemens Mobility Services (DE)
    “Predictive Maintenance – the future of maintenance for rolling stock already today”

  • Rainer Wenty, General Manager Marketing and Technical Sales, Plasser and Theurer (AT)
    “High quality of maintenance of Turnouts”
  • Rudolf Schilder, Partner ARTS Schilder & Partner GmbH (AT)
    “Strategies for optimisation of maintenance of switches and crossings” 
  • Johannes Bremsteller, Sales Engineer Vossloh Rail Services GmbH (DE)
    “Rail Management”
  • Udo Haubmann, Managing Director of voestalpine BWG (DE)
  • Alvaro Zevallos, Sales Area Manager Europe NEM Solutions (SP)
    “Towards a dynamic maintenance ecosystem: from design to implementation in a large high-speed rolling stock fleet”  
  • Michael Diehl, Senior Advisor Travel  & Transportation Industries SAP Germany (DE)
    SAP’s view on Railway Asset Management”  
  • Andreas Middendorf, Electrical Engineering Fraunhofer IZM (DE)
    “MoSe – Mobile Sensor system enabling condition based maintenance for railway vehicles”
  • Dietmar Maicz, Project Engineer Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (AT)
    “A system to detect wheel shape irregularities for public transportation”

Who should attend?

The present Maintenance Conference 2015 offers a one-day podium in order to discuss best practices, tangible tools and current information in an international setting. At the Maintenance Conference 2015 you can discuss with:

  • Infrastructure managers
  • Rolling stock manufacturers
  • Operators
  • Constructors
  • Technical engineers
  • Asset/fleet managers
  • Maintenance managers
  • Consultants
  • Scientists
  • Financial institutions
  • Authorities